Returns management

Return to Vendor should not become Return to Sender

Companies that sell products likely deal with returns as well. In fact many companies deal with multiple return flows. The first flow, customer returns, is not such a problem anymore as software and service solutions are available to deal with this flow. The problem often starts when the products from this flow arrive at your […]

Return rate

The Return Rate in a new perspective

The year-end sales peak in on-line commerce will likely result in another returns peak in January. Typically that is the time I am being called by journalists to talk about the high return rates in on-line commerce. I have learnt to be careful and not give any numbers. Not that I know them anyway. However, […]

Open source last mile logistics

Open Source Last Mile Logistics

Open Source Last Mile Logistics Direct end-customer commerce can be described as the phenomenon whereby products are directly sold to the end-customer. It is driven by 2 separate trends: brand (manufacturers) selling directly to the end-customer and on-line retail. Both trends have in common that it involves a direct delivery to the end-customer and this […]

Return Policy

Who to give responsibility for the Return Policy?

Who to give responsibility for the Return Policy? The Reverse Supply Chain has been around for years and every company that deals with returns has some kind of process for that. It is an interesting question who in the organization should hold the responsibility for the return policy. Let’s look at a few options. Option 1: The Return Policy […]

How sustainable are product returns

How sustainable are product returns?

Recently there has been a lot of debate about the fact that product returns are far from being sustainable. Many will say that returns are not sustainable at all and should always be avoided. Let’s have a closer look at the product returns phenomenon in relation to sustainability. The general picture With the growth of […]

Returns Management Software

How Technology facilitates the extended Customer Journey

Global commerce is undergoing a major change that has not been finished yet. The blue print for selling products to consumers and business customers is far from being redefined and both branded and retail companies are looking for answers to many Customer Centric Commerce questions. Practices from the past are outdated as the customer is […]

Customer Journey

The Customer Journey of Dexter Bawbund

Dexter Bawbund is a 24 year young man. He just graduated from university and he is making his first career steps at a boutique marketing communication agency. Dexter lives and breathes the internet. He is online around the clock and shops online as well. Let’s have a closer look at his shopping behavior and customer […]

Customer interaction

Benefit from another customer interaction

Many branded and retail companies are working their way through the year end peak. Sales, especially on-line, is breaking records again. The customer journey that stretches from “orientation”, via “purchase” to “delivery” offers many opportunities for customer interaction and customer engagement. Companies are offering an increasingly great buying experience to their customers. For many of […]